MaltMUN 2024

Global Resolve: Charting a Path to Stability

MaltMUN 2024 Conference

Global Resolve: Charting a Path to Stability encapsulates the imperative of international cooperation in addressing the multifaceted challenges confronting our world today. 

As nations struggle with issues ranging from climate change and economic disparities to political unrest and public health crises, the theme underlines the collective determination required to foster stability and prosperity for all. 

Through diplomatic dialogue, policymaking, and collaboration, delegates will strive to forge a path forward that promotes peace, equality, and sustainable development on a global scale.

The world is currently at a crossroads, with war at the doorstep of several nations and civilizations at the brink of conflict. As an organization, we emphasize the need for a tangible, sustainable approach to address these challenges, ensuring stability. Pre-existing problems of our old reality have merely been shelved for today’s youths to create solutions for. This need for law and order underpins our decision to center our conference around this theme.

August 30th to September 1st 2024

Early Bird: €50
Regular Fee: €65

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